Wow Your Drive-thru Guests and Boost Your Bottom Line.

Drive-thru Digital Menu Boards put your menu in the spotlight, while automating the upsell. Vivid, dynamic digital content excites the senses and increases average check size.

Outdoor Digital Menu Board key benefits include:

  • Steer customers to profitable menu options.
  • Showcase special offers or LTOs: bright, vivid colors and motion capture and keep guest attention.
  • Entice passersby with full-screen takeover.
  • Improve order accuracy with easy-to-read on-screen order confirmation.

Reasons to love Uniconnectsystem’s DMBs:

  • Integrated with POS and easy to manage: control all your menu boards from one intuitive interface.
  • Rapid return on investment: 9 to 12 months is typical.
  • Low cost:Uniconnectsystems DMBs have the lowest 5-year total cost of ownership on the market.
  • Sizes and orientations to suit your locations and your budget.
  • Use for pre-sell, menu, and order confirmation—or all three.

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