Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

1. With metal case, support 7/24 working. 
2. Android 7.1, RK3288, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage 
3. Auto – Dispenser and hand wash
4. Can be filled with various disinfectants — Gelatinous, liquid, foamy  
5. Capacity 2500ML on 15.6inch and 5000ML on 21.5inch
6. Open the door to add hand sanitizer
7. Rcstars logo can support 3 years free warranty, and price 2% discount 
8. There is a light signal to show you liquid situation—Full (blue light), Medium (green light), Empty (red light)
9. can support battery power (optional)
10. Remote monitoring usage times and capacity alarm(Optional, the software is under developing)
11. The camera which could test temperature is developing(optional)

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