Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Peer Management Module Safe entry scanner


Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Peer Management Module Safe entry scanner

Temperature measurement face recognition peer management module,using a high-performance hardware platform, equipped with an industrial grade binocular camera and face biometric recognition technology, as well as an infrared thermal imaging module. Supports 1:1 and 1:N face matching andretrieve, Support mask recognition and human temperature detection, it can warn against high temperature, and supports expansion of various peripherals such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, etc. It can be applied to gate passages and access control attendance to achieve safe and efficient access control for personnel.

Product Specification:

  • Suitable for many occasions: Community, Traffic, Hotel School, Office building
  • Multiple connection modes: 4P381PIN(white), UBOOT key, 5521Female waterproof plug(white), USB Female(white), 2P381 PIN(white) etc.
  • Product parameters:
  • Resolution: 200W pixels
  • Type: Binocular wide dynamic camera
  • Aperture: F2.4
  • Focal length: 50-150cm
  • White balance: Automatic
  • Fill light: LED and infrared double fill light
  • Dimension: 8.0 inch, IPS LCD screen
  • Resolution: 800×1280
  • Touch: Support (support or not is optional)
  • Local storage EMMC 8G
  • Body temperature detection Support
  • Detection distance 1m
  • Measurement accuracy ≤ ±0.2℃
  • Measurement range 10℃~42℃
  • Thermal imaging field 32 X 32℃
  • Normal temperature release Support
  • High temperature alarm Support( alert value can be set)
  • Working temperature -10℃~60℃
  • Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
  • Power consumption 13.5W(Max)
  • Machine*1、Power Adapter*1、Instruction manual*1、Certificate of qualification*1、Support detection and tracking multiple people at the same time, Face database supports up to 30,000
  • Support 1: N face recognition, 1: 1 face contrast
  • Support configuration of stranger detection and recognition distance
  • Support UI interface configuration, equipment remote upgrade
  • Interfaces include device management, personnel / photo management、record query, etc.
  • Support for public cloud deployment, privatized deployment,LAN
  • WIFI×1,Audio×1,USBOTG×1,USB HOSTx1,RS232x1,r elayx1,upgrade button×1,RJ45x1