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IQTouch Interactive Display

Interactive Display
An interactive display is an embedded device that people can use digital touchscreen interactions to make vibrant visual presentations and to enable listeners to have good discussion and interaction.

It is an all-in-one device that combines collaboration and meeting management functions. Users can connect interactive flat displays by their own devices or they can use the multi-touch function on interactive touch screen.

IQTouch Display &Collaboration Solution IQTouch
IQTouch Display&Collaboration solution provides interactive flat panels that combines the latest technology with ease of use and durability. It offers a high-definition touch screen display for easy navigation through your favorite applications or websites.

What is an Interactive Flat Panel?
An Interactive Flat Panel Display(IFPD) is a large-format touch screen display. It is ideal for collaborative meeting or interactive teaching environment with the integration of interactive whiteboarding, screen sharing, touch screen monitor and so on. Here at IQBoard, we call it “IQTouch”.