IQTOUCH 1100 SERIES The New Iteration On Interactive Display

IQTOUCH 1100 SERIES The New Iteration On Interactive Display

Go Faster, Go Smoother

Updated Android 11.0 version on interactive flat panel ensures extremely stable and powerful system with smoother operations.

Flexible Windows for Multitasking

Free from the inconvenience of applications switching. Easily operate multiple tasks on flexible windows at the same time, increasing the utilization of a large screen, and greatly improving the productivity as well as efficiency of meetings.

User Profiles

  • Users can personalize settings and backup privated data on their own accounts for personal resources access.
  • Allow multiple users with individual logins and varying permissions to use the same account.

Bring Your Own Meeting

Participants can not only share their personal screens, but also use their laptops to easily access camera and microphone from large screen, which enables freely switching the different VC platforms frequently used and easily starting a video conference on touch screen with higher level of audio-visual effect.

  • 4K UHD Wireless Screen Mirror.
  • Collaborate in Different Spaces by Remote Screen Sharing.

To Write “Infinity” on AI Whiteboard

The built-in AI whiteboard brings you a stage with endless possibility. More intelligent functions like handwriting, shape recognition, split screen mode, smart table, etc., are offered to improve the presentation in every way.

Unbeatable Visual Effect

New 4K UHD vision with anti-blue light. More available bonding technology brings you:

  • Clear image quality
  • Maximum viewing angle
  • Protected against dust and moisture
  • Most accurate and fluent touch experience
  • Super safe glass, shock absorbing, extra durable

Infrared Ultra Fine Writing

Empower the screen instant response and high precision, revitalizing more vivid and natural writing as pen-on-paper experience.

AG + AF glass

Always a clear screen

Prevent the screen from being blurred by fingerprints, dust or grease.

Ensure crystal-clear image even in the heavily lighted environment.

Upscaling Acoustic and Visual Performance

  • 4K AI Camera

Precisely positioning and automatically switching focus between the different speakers in video conference.

Customize Front Buttons

Embrace intuitive buttons for quick operation access, and more customized functions offered you to have more choices.

  • Annotation
  • Switch to Windows
  • Windows Task View (Alt+Tab)
  • Document Camera
  • Screen Capture
  • Freeze