Daisy Chain Shelf Edge LCD Display

  • The shelf edge wide LCD display is a smart solution for pricing, information and marketing on the shelves, which helps to create memorable shopping experiences. Here we guide you how to use the daisy-chained screens and make the best possibility of them.
  • For 23″ daisy Chain screen, one media player support maximum 7 screens via hdmi in and hdmi out. Users can insert TF card with configuration files, and set the screen as Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3… Screen 7, each screen will display 1920*158 signal from the input clip, and play like a video wall.
  • Users can synthetic video as above, each screen will play independent video.
  • For the input signal, it is flexible to choose a standalone player, or mini PC, or other media player.

    Except for 23″ shelf screen, we have another size 35″ for your option, if you need more details on daisy chain solution, pls contact us soon.

  • Sizes: 21”| 23”| 27.6”| 28.6” |34.9”| 38” |47”| 49” | 58.4”

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