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LG SC-00DA One:Quick Share

Key Feature

  • Embedded OS : Linux
  • Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Connectivity : USB 2.0 Type A (1)
  • Work together with LG One:Quick Share Application and Compatible LG digital signage models

Plug and Play

  • Simply share your personal PC screen to the LG Signage by connecting the USB dongle device on the PC after pairing with the Signage.* At the very first time, personal PC needs to install One:Quick Share monitoring software by connecting the dongle device.

Wireless Screen Share with Clicks

  • Through pressing the USB dongle button in different ways, you can simply share the PC screen, change to another’s one, and can show up to 4 PC screens on the Signage at the same time.

Embedded Wi-Fi

  • With SoftAP function in LG Signage, USB dongle device and the Signage can be easily connected and used without additional transceiver.* LG Signage needs to set up Soft AP enabled at Network Menu in Settings App.