Queue Management Solutions

Banks, Hospitals, Resturants, Cafe, Service Centers etc.

Improve your customer services now! Long lines of waiting customers may be signs of business success, but don’t let the long waits inconvenience your customers.

Our complete software system for customer queue management system. Our software allows businesses to optimize the process for customers as they line up and wait for their turn to be served, enhancing your customer service.

Uniconnect Systems Software provides your business a complete Customer Queue Management Solution!

Features & Benefits

Manage your content to any displays located anywhere in the world.
  • Software customization: We recognize that each business is unique, so our queueing software can be configured to your specific needs.
  • Security-enabled: The starting numbers for queuing are also randomized to further safeguard the queuing process.
  • Browser-based: Queue Management System is a browser-based application, so there is no need for software installation on the client computers. It runs on the client company’s local area network connection.
  • Extensive hardware compatibility: Queue Management System regular desktop PC’s, off the shelf POS printers and regular LCD / LED monitors.
  • Media Player availability: System media player to show clips and keep your waiting clients entertained.
  • The business process will be more efficient and thus, will lead to a quicker turnaround time.
  • The business owners or managers would have better means to assess the effectiveness of their operational flow.
  • It is economical: Using this queuing management system allows you to do away specialized equipments, using only off the shelf available hardwares.
  • It systematizes workflow: Through this queuing system, your customer representatives are provided with a more systematic workflow and this enables them to be more focused on the task they have at hand.
  • It is time-efficient: The full automation feature of this queuing system significantly cuts the time that customer representatives spend on serving customers for a single business transaction.
  • It has customizable features: The System can be configured according to the specific business requirements of customers. Complex queue management workflow can be configured. This is possible because our in-house programmers are able to configure the features of this program to suit various business needs.

How Does Queue Management Systems Works?

The Uniconnect Systems Cloud based server will act as the central queue server for each of your Branch location. This greatly reduces the time to set up the entire queue system.

Software maintenance and feature updates are done centrally, without any need for further Client actions. This allows rapid deployment for a single Branch or multiple Branches.

Use Cases

Queue management system for Banking and Finance Institutions

Queue management system for Medical, Health Care and Diagnostic Centers

Queue management system for  Government Agencies

Queue management system for  Airline and Shipping Companies

Queue management system for  Service Centers

Queue management system for Restaurants, Cafe & Food Stall